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Press spacebar to fire up the engine.

Hold spacebar to break.


The wild west has been overrun by terrible bandits and cows - it needs a hero to get all travellers to their desired destinations, and that hero is you! As the best train driver, you must grab your shovel, stoke the fire and keep your train running. With the power of your steam engine you escape from evil bandits, save the souls of innocent cows and always be on time so no cowboy ever will be too late for their next gunfight. The railroad is your best friend in this wild west adventure in which only the best train driver will survive!

★ Join now the very exclusive wild west train driver and steam engine enthusiasts club and enjoy fun driving, beautiful art and wonderful passengers.

★Tap to fire, tap to break, tap to escape, tap to save cows and innocent people. Tap to be the one and only railroad hero, tap for action, tap to fun, tap to beat evil bandits, tap to be awesome, tap to tap! Keep tapping and you will win. Stop tapping and you will lose. You are our last hope! Our last train driver!

Be the fastest or be the most comfortable train driver! Everything is only one tap away. It's your choice how to play.

⭑ Simple, casual gameplay
⭑ Challenge yourself, your friends, the world
⭑ Google Play Games achievements and Leaderboards (not in Web-Version available)
⭑ Wonderful pixel art graphics
⭑ Travel to over 100 different towns
⭑ Tap/Click to be the best train driver



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